3 Tips to Create a Tasteful Bohemian Style Home

3 Tips to Create a Tasteful Bohemian Style Home

Want to create an eclectic and unsophisticated but fascinating space?

A bohemian style home decorating would work perfectly for you. The style draws from Moroccan influences and is an excellent way to express your personality through your home design and décor.

Creating a tasteful bohemian style home largely involves finding the perfect balance of color and texture. It is all about mixing and matching while ensuring the overall look is clean and polished.

Modern bohemian living room
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If you are looking to create a tasteful bohemian style home but don’t know where to start, here are some great tips to get you started.

Use an Earthy Color Scheme

An earthy color scheme is effective in creating an outdoor aura in your home. You can use natural timbers, jute, leather, hessian, rattan, and fresh greenery to achieve this.

Modern bohemian home decor
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Brown moroccan ottomans
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You should incorporate these earthy tones throughout every area of your home. You want to create a unified feel in the home. Some of the décor pieces that work great for a bohemian style home include:

  • Potted plants in woven baskets
  • Natural jute rugs
  • Moroccan ottomans
  • Bamboo chairs

Consider adding metallic accents of gold, silver, and bronze to create a striking contrast to your earthy tones as well as a luxurious ‘bohemian luxe’ feel.

Bamboo chair and a large potted plant next to it
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Round jute rug in the living room
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Mix and Match Textiles and Patterns

A bohemian style home can’t be complete without an eclectic blend of textiles and patterns. Consider introducing various patterns throughout your artwork, rugs, cushions, bed linen, and accessories. The result will be an authentic bohemian aura.

Beautiful boho style living room
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Colorful backdrop
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Also incorporate any textile that features tassels, fringing, or hand-beading. A fringed throw rug or textured cushions are perfect examples in this case. You can even layer various textiles on top of each other.

However, it is imperative that you work with a consistent color scheme. You don’t want the materials to clash.

Modern bathroom with a bohemian touch
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Beautiful bedroom
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Choose Unique Décor Pieces

Decorating a bohemian style home requires that you use unique pieces that you find attractive. Eccentric, artistic décor and accessories will help you create an interesting and detailed space. Quirky homewares can do a perfect job in this case.

Avoid generic designs when it comes to choosing furniture and accessories for your bohemian home. Furnish your space with pieces that are somewhat different. Try a couch upholstered in a fascinating fabric or a quirky-shaped side table. Go for items that really express your personality.

Fresh flowers in glass vases
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Hammock chair
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Colorful bohemian style living room
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Final thoughts

Creating a tasteful bohemian style home may sound like an uphill task, but it is quite easy. Just follow the above tips and you will be able to create a beautiful, unique, and interesting space.



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