3 Color combinations That Will Bring Energy to Your Home

3 Color combinations That Will Bring Energy to Your Home
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Image Source: House BeautifulChoosing a color scheme for a home is the first and most important step for creating the design for your home. Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy thing to do.

You should realize that color is never perceived in isolation as it is normally affected by the other adjacent colors. So, besides thinking about the kind of mood or effect you want to create with your color combination, you should also consider the relationship between the colors.

To makes things easier for you, we present you some guidelines for creating beautiful color combinations for your home.

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Tone-on-tone Color Combinations

This involves combining a dark or a mid-tone hue with a light hue in the same color family. The tone-on-tone color combination is ideal for spaces that you would like to keep it simple, but interesting.

That can be your living room, study, or foyer. For instance, you can use the striking Manish Malhotra red on your main wall alongside light fresh pinks on the adjacent walls. This creates a stunning focus on the space.

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Harmonious Color Combinations

This color combination allows you to be somewhat experimental. It is mostly about combining your favorite color with another color that belongs to a nearby family in the rainbow spectrum. Neighboring colors in the visual spectrum complement each other.

A great example of this combination is blending a peach with a gorgeous pastel orange. This will make your room glow in natural harmony.

Green and blue interior
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Wide Contrast Color Combinations

If you are the daring type, a wide contrast combination should work well for you. Pick a color and combine it with another one that is far away from it in the visual spectrum.

Sunshine yellow, for instance, stimulate energy and activity when paired with flower indigos. If you are looking for the best color combination for your teenage child, this could be a great choice for you.

If you are still at a loss where to start, here are some trendy color combinations to get you inspired.

Lilac accent in modern interior. Comfortable bed with pillows and plaid in room
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Colorful seating cushions
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3 Trendy Color Combinations You Can Adapt for Your Home

Sage, Maroon

Looking for a classy, yet conservative color combination? A fine green-gray shade like sage can be a perfect bet.

Paint accent features with maroon. It is effective in creating a classically sophisticated effect. Used in central features, such as the front door, maroon will do a great job in grabbing the attention of your guests. And the dash of purple-red in the shade will accentuate floral landscaping.

Gold, Cream, Butter

These classic colors can have a huge impact in a space when used together. They create an elegant and refined effect. Consider using cream as a neutral accent color around door or window frames and paint large surfaces gold.

Butter should be used to paint smaller surfaces such as the front door. Gold, cream, and butter color combination work best for homes with plush, wooded landscaping.

 Interior of classic bedroom in goldcolors
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Olive, Pink

If you are looking to add warmth to an intensely contemporary home, olive and pink color combination would work best for you. Olive and pink have warm and calming tones, which can suit any homeowner. And they balance each other perfectly.

Bright living room
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Final thoughts

One of the keys to bringing life and energy to your home design is choosing the right color combination. But it is not easy. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a romantic aura, a dynamic scene bursting with color, or a soothing environment in your home. But with this article, you will have an easier time deciding on the best colors for your space.



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