23 Staircase Decorating Ideas for Creating a Scenic Staircase

23 Staircase Decorating Ideas for Creating a Scenic Staircase

Looking for stylish ideas for giving your staircase a facelift?

The staircase is an integral element of a home when it comes to getting from one point of the home another. But it is often overlooked when decorating every area in the home. With various staircase decorating ideas, you can enrich the look of this versatile blank space and make your journey upstairs or downstairs more fascinating.

Don’t know when to begin with decorating your staircase? Get inspired by these 23 staircase design photos.

Hardwood floors
Image Source: Elle Decor


Entryway decor
Image Source: Ken Gemes Interiors


Staircase decor
Image Source: Fawn Galli Interiors


Gallery wall
Image Source: Kristin Paton Interiors


Staircase decor
Image Source: Kristin Paton Interiors


Black sculpture near the staircase
Image Source: David Scott Interiors, LTD.


Nautical decoration
Image Source: Hendricks Churchill


Amazing staircase decor
Image Source: Duet Design Group


A staircase painted in patinated brass
Image Source: Rupert Bevan Ltd


A kilim-style stair runner
Image Source: Centered by Design
A classic Georgian estate
Image Source: Roughan Interiors


A townhouse with a wood staircase
Image Source: Elizabeth Krueger Design


Abstract art gives color to this entry
Image Source: Wesley-Wayne Interiors


Stair hall with an American flag
Image Source: Mark P. Finlay Interiors


A beautiful stairway
Image Source: Jaycox Architects & Associates


A Colorado stairway
Image Source: Slifer Designs


Entryway with a colorful runner and fun wallpaper
Image Source: 2to5 Design


An elegant Chelsea entry
Image Source: Kelling Designs


Black and white entry
Image Source: Sean Anderson Design


A stylish foyer
Image Source: Eclectic Home


Entryway decor
Image Source: One Bleecker Interiors


Stunning staircase design
Image Source: Kelly Wearstler


A rye colonial
Image Source: Ken Gemes Interiors


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