22 Elegant Rooms with Inspiring Wood Ceiling Designs

22 Elegant Rooms with Inspiring Wood Ceiling Designs

Looking for a stunning way to add a touch of warmth to your room? Then you might want to try wood ceilings.

Wood ceilings have long been regarded as the top choice for ceiling design, thanks to their endless variety and adaptability. They can adapt to any home and interior design, opening up even the most restricted areas and adding a striking height and equally eye-catching tone.

Wood ceilings are effective in creating a cozy, natural feel to any space. Have a look at these stunning photos and get inspired on how to redesign and redecorate your home with wood ceilings.

A unique pattern and design with wood stains
Image Source: Orren Pickell Building Group


Light-shade wood gives this room a feminine feel.
Image Source: Suzanne Kasler Interiors


A bold walnut wood ceiling
Image Source: Aspen Leaf Interiors, Inc.


Contrast rural wood ceilings with sleek white tile.
Image Source: bba ARCHITECTS


A slightly grey shade of the wood, give the room a vintage aesthetic
Image Source: Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.


Natural beige stain for a modern style
Image Source: Brewster McLeod Architects


Curved wooden ceiling
Image Source: Brooks & Falotico Associates, Inc.


Amazing look of the forest form the bedroom
Image Source: Brown Design Group


Bright kitchen decor
Image Source: Brown Design Group


Industrial chic interior
Image Source: CK Interior Design


A traditional colonial pine stain.
Image Source: Jennifer Robin Interiors



Bold wooden beams
Image Source: M. Elle Design


Minimalistic style with ebony black wood with a glossy finish.
Image Source: Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design


A rustic all-wood look
Image Source: Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio



Accent lighting adds a dramatic touch to this interior
Image Source: Barbara Lee Grigsby Design Associates Inc.


Country house interior
Image Source: Murphy & Co. Design


Modern home interior
Image Source: Santopietro Interiors



 A warm and cozy space
Image Source: Schlagenhaft Studio


Sleek weathered oak with stone in a rural chic room.
Image Source: Scott Corridan Design


Accent beams create an eye-catching look.
Image Source: Sig Bergamin


Modern contemporary style interior
Image Source: Verner Architects


Reclaimed wood beams.
Image Source: Stephen Sills Associates


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